Now serving secondary sources — relevant articles that give context and news

Disabled parking articleArticles from newspapers and other publications are now feeding into the database and are beginning to appear alongside the primary sources.

For example, the page for ORS 447.233, Accessible Parking Space Requirements, now points to a recent Oregonian article, When Disabled Parking Disables the Disabled.

Another is ORS 737.320, Review of Certain [Workers’ Comp Rating Organization] Filings. It now displays an excerpt and link to an article from the trade magazine Risk & Insurance about a relevant hearing coming up.

The process is mostly automatic, and the number of linked secondary sources is growing daily. An algorithm filters in only relevant articles by looking, for example, for references to ORS Chapters and Sections.
hearingI’ve been wanting something like this for a while: as a student, I like reading current articles to get an idea about the meaning of a statute and any current issues revolving around it.  This ought to be useful for practitioners too, especially when combined with a subscription service (in development) to the news updates based on ORS Volumes or Chapters.

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