New human-friendly “research trail”

The mini-view in the sidebar
The mini-view in the sidebar

A trail of links for re-tracing your steps which shows up in two places.  There’s an intuitive always-present sidebar view: for example, today’s research steps are simply marked “Today” — instead of cluttering the display with today’s date.

The second, more detailed view of the trail (see screenshot below), is under the “My Laws” tab.  The table is easy to sort by date or document name.

Infinitely long for a micro-fee is at the point where it needs a small income to help pay for the cost of running the site:  the hosting fees, DNS registration, and SSL certificate fees are now a burden on my student budget.  I had a two-part idea: on one hand, all the current legal content will remain free and secure as a public service.  And on the other hand, the site will offer extra features that are useful for frequent visitors and serious researchers for the price of a cup of coffee per month.

And so back to the Research Trail:  I’m keeping it free for the current day’s trail, as public service.  But for those who become members for $2 per month, the first major benefit is unlimited access to their previous search history.  I haven’t seen any other research sites offer this at any price.

Please consider joining

In closing, I just wanted to write a personal note that I greatly appreciate the support of those who’ve become members.  I’ve just started this program, and so it’s only been a handful.  Although not close to the break-even point, these are a great help.  These small contributions are necessary to support a public service like

Thank you,

The full research trail displayed in a table
The full research trail displayed in a table

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