Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR’s): Soft Launch

Here’s a sample of the new, always up-to-date, OAR site:

Initial design. Live page.

This new public service is the result of many late nights and weekend work. (This is still a part-time labor of love!) I want to get it in front of everyone to help guide the design and make it useful. I’m focussing on what kinds of headings an “navigational sign-posts” should be shown.

What’s Finished – Highlights

  • Always up-to-date. All content is checked and refreshed nightly. Currency information is displayed with a Last accessed note.
  • Re-outlining. The site uses the natural structure of the text to display it visually as an outline.
  • Links to every source. Each page links back to the original rule. “Trust but Verify”.
  • Raw data freely available. A new public service, I’ve made the nightly parse results available for download. If you have a programmer or data science student in your team, they’ll know what to do with a GitHub link.

What’s Coming Next

  • Links to ORS and other authority / implementing laws.
  • Links from relevant ORS sections back to the Rules.
  • Display of each Rules’ history.

Please consider pitching in $5 or $10 per month to support my work and public service. Thank you!

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