The 2020 ORS is online

Announcing the only free version of the ORS that’s fully current, through the Spring of 2021.

Sharp readers (and pedants) may say, “But there is no such thing as the ‘2020 ORS’!” And in a sense — the authoritative sense to be sure — that’s correct. For these people, we properly cite and link to the 2019 ORS, e.g.:

But we’re trying something new: Now that the Oregon legislature has concluded its curiously short session, we’ve added our customary inline annotation with a link to the bill passed, i.e.,:

The new feature is labelling this collection the ORS for 2020, and making clear that our site is now up-to-date through 2021. We think this will help the 95% of our visitors who simply want to be sure they’re reading the current law.

What do you think? Is this an improvement?

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