Worldwide Python (Scrapy) freelancers wanted

Developers wanted for open source, access-to-justice open-data project

Hi, I’m Robb from Public.Law (“Law is code; open-source it!”). We’d like to get more scrapers like this one which I wrote. We’re interested in any location on the planet: maybe your state’s or country’s laws? We’re paying for open source code which we’ll host on GitHub under our organization. So besides earning money, you’ll also be adding to your online portfolio, if that’s of interest to you.

Now on one hand, these tasks are “easy”. All we want is scrapers that produce JSON, which we can run on Scraping Hub. So we don’t care what development environment you use. And we’ll pay for pretty much any work. But to earn real money, we pay the most for the highest quality code:

  • Includes a Pytest suite covering the scraping logic, example.
  • Uses Poetry, not Pip.
  • Has decent type annotation coverage, and passes Mypy linting.
  • Scores “A” on Code Climate checking a few Python linters.
  • And finally, we’re most interested in scrapers that produce one single JSON tree, instead of many small JSON records. I described the strategy in this blog post.

Again, take a look at the scraper I wrote to get an idea what we’re looking for. FYI I’d consider it B-grade work because it needs refactoring. Let me know if you have any questions! Comment here or email:

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