Readability improvements to the OAR

I've been busy making our Oregon Administrative Rules site easier to read, thanks to plenty of quarantine time. Links with parentheticals to the ORS I leveraged our ORS database to enhance the OARs: An ORS section cite turned into a link with a helpful parenthetical An ORS chapter citation likewise changed into a helpful link … Continue reading Readability improvements to the OAR

Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR’s): Soft Launch

Here's a sample of the new, always up-to-date, OAR site: Initial design. Live page. This new public service is the result of many late nights and weekend work. (This is still a part-time labor of love!) I want to get it in front of everyone to help guide the design and make it useful. I'm … Continue reading Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR’s): Soft Launch

Oldstyle figures for better statute number legibility

I've been re-evaluating fonts for, and one issue that caught my eye is the style of the numerals. In running text, these proportional oldstyle numbers (font: Buenard) are perfect: they visually flow with the text. The wide variations in figure height and positioning help the reader unambiguously read the number. But in a vertical navigation bar, … Continue reading Oldstyle figures for better statute number legibility