Oldstyle figures for better statute number legibility

I've been re-evaluating fonts for WebLaws.org, and one issue that caught my eye is the style of the numerals. In running text, these proportional oldstyle numbers (font: Buenard) are perfect: they visually flow with the text. The wide variations in figure height and positioning help the reader unambiguously read the number. But in a vertical navigation bar, … Continue reading Oldstyle figures for better statute number legibility

If Only California Statutes had Names

I've run into the oddest problem as I add the California Codes to WebLaws.org. The Sections, the actual statutes themselves, are not given any kind of name as they are in other states. Here are the basic burglary statutes of Oregon and California: Oregon: ORS 164.215, Burglary in the Second Degree. California: Penal Code Section … Continue reading If Only California Statutes had Names

Our first app for the iPhone – Quisitive name screening and trademark search

Quisitive is a one-of-a-kind app for screening name ideas, searching U.S. trademarks, and learning about branding, naming, trademark, and copyright. We've developed it to the same high standards as OregonLaws.org: citations for every piece of information, high readability, and excellent user experience. See the Quisitive website for more information.