We’ll be doing it right when we’re doing it like Big Fish Games

Big Fish Games Plush FishI get inspiration from many places for customer service and web app ideas. It’s cool to observe how to make customers feel good about themselves and you.

I love gaming. So I subscribe to Big Fish Games for $6.99/month. For that I get one game per month, and a discount on extra ones I buy. Yesterday I checked up on my account and what I saw made me love Big Fish.

I hadn’t logged in for six months, and so hadn’t taken advantage of my monthly game download. But it turned out that I hadn’t wasted my money: I had six months’ credit waiting for me to use. Plus, for getting six games (even though included in the subscription price), they gave me credit for a free seventh. Plus, as thanks for being a member for a year, they’re sending me a plushie. They are awesome; I’ll probably never cancel my service.

Big Fish is doing it right: rewarding customers for their loyalty and giving them the feeling that they’re getting something for their money. I want our customers to feel like they’re getting an incredible value too.

One thought on “We’ll be doing it right when we’re doing it like Big Fish Games

  1. Found this post while looking for info on something completely different and had to chime in. I’m on the same monthly game club, and in all my many dealings with them, I have been more than satisfied. Even when technically they would have been within their rights, because the game just showed up too small for me to see, they gave me a refund. Really, really wish business would take the time on customer service this company does.


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